Saturday November 18, 2017 at 8.30pm:  WARnings - Johan Sluys

Organization: CC Coloma

Place: Saint Peters Church, Rink, 1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

‘War again’ we hear you thinking. However: Johan Sluys (1964) develops his theme in a broad way. He reflects on war just as much as he describes it. Both approaches can be found in the two main pieces of the concert. REQUIEM FOR A CHILD SOLDIER uses musical references to African music to evoke the unacceptable horror of a drugged child-soldier. IN THE BEGINNING MAN CREATED – which uses his own text – describes the problem of the impulse to destroy in the name of our alleged one true God. Johan Sluys has added instrumental (for piano/percussion) and vocal passages that further colour both approaches. The premier of the cycle IN FLANDERS FIELDS, which sets poems by  Peter Theunynck, is of special interest. WARnings should carry the famous aphorism of Bertolt Brecht as its motto:

“In the dark times, will there also be singing?

Then there will also be singing. In the dark times."

In an intelligent and professional way, Johan Sluys' works sing of good and evil, of impotence and foolishness, of fanaticism and fear of death. 

performers: Aquarius, pianist Stefaan Poelmans, percussionists Dimitri Dumon and Mathias Ghesquière and video artists Toon Van den Brempt and Dries Verheyen.
The poet Peter Theunynck will read his own work

TICKETS:  18€ -