Saturday June 24, 2017 : Midsummer Sounds

Organization: het Marca (Community Centre Maarkedal)
Place: Maarkedal,  Hofke Ter Musse - Sint Britiuskerk Etikhove - O.-L.-V.-La Salettekerk in Louise Marie
MIDSUMMER SOUNDS is a new festival for which AQUARIUS not only performs but is also responsible for choosing the programme.
Year 2 builds on the successful formula of last year: music in 3 locations, a short stroll from one location to the other, and, in between, tasty snacks.
We are delighted to be able to offer you “Die Winterreise” by Franz Schubert with Klemens Sander, accompanied by Cristian Peix. This concert will take place at 16h45 in Sint-Britiuskerk in Etikhove.

The Flemish early music ensemble “Il Nostromo del Sogno” will interpret “A chantar m'er” at 14h00 in Hofke ter Musse – a programme of troubadour music on the theme of courtly love. Truly a statement in these times.

AQUARIUS, like last year, will provide the evening concert at 21h00 in the church of Louise-Parie with a programme on a theme that has for some time engendered much cultural interest: the world famous retable of the Lamb of God by the Van Eyck brothers. “Music for the Mystic Lamb” focuses attention on the individual panels of this retable, providing for each a musical illustration that takes the listener on a journey through the history of Western classical music from Gregorian chant to the 20 th century Polish composer Gorecki. We are professionally guided on this journey by the Lamb of God expert par excellence Peter Schmidt. He will explain the religious background of the pictures and it was he who, as a passionate lover of music, chose the music for each panel. You will be in good hands.
More information about the program: Music for the Mystic Lamb