new choir music by Anthony Ritchie

It began with one piece (“This sea we cross over” - about the collaboration of the Australian and New Zealand armies in Europe's WWII, sung by AQUARIUS at the ISCM festival in Antwerp's De Singel); it continued with a new choral song cycle, composed for AQUARIUS (“Salaam” - on texts written by prisoners in Guantanamo Bay) and it leads to a new choral CD with a broad selection of choral music by the New Zealand composer ANTHONY RITCHIE.

Given the manifest social commitment of this composer, we decided to make a themed CD that will be called SURVIVORS and for which Ritchie will compose at least 2 new pieces, including a setting of the moving poem: “The survivor” by the Italian author Primo Levi. Other works will consider the survival instinct of gold diggers, the rescue by Maoris of a 'white' ship, and the role of the New Zealand military in Belgium during WWI. And, naturally, we will include all those other works by him that we have already performed.

The release of the cd is planned for February 2017.