CD Douces nuits - contemporary lullabies from around the world

Douces nuits

Contemporary lullabies from around the world

Composers of contemporary classical music often seek inspiration in 'higher spheres', in great literature or in sound experimentation. Can they also put their creative minds to the service of ordinary, everyday life? For example, can they rise to the challenge of writing a new lullaby?

AQUARIUS put this question to all those composers with whom it has had a connection over the years. Because there are no good, new lullabies. There are many commercial ditties. Why should a baby not fall asleep to a carefully composed lullaby, beautifully sung and recorded? There are surely enough fathers and mothers who love classical music and who would like to accompany such an important daily ritual with tasteful music? Studies have shown that Mozart's music has a beneficial effect on babies and young children; so how could composers and singers fail to decide that here is an excellent chance to create an alternative?

Recorded on may 6 -8 mei, 2016 in O.L.Vr. van la Salettekerk Louise-Marie, Etikhove

Sound engineer: Johan Kennivé, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jade  officieel in de handel vanaf 15 januari 2017, nu al verkrijgbaar bij AQUARIUS

Order the CD from AQUARIUS: 20 euro (Belgium) or 24 euro (the rest of Europe).