CD ARVO PÄRT Magnificent magnificat

The Long-Awaited is arrived! What was hanging in the air during the recording sessions is now a concrete reality: our new Pärt CD is in our grasp and we are happy.

Arvo Pärt himself listened and wrote about it:

Aufmerksam auf den belgischen Chor AQUARIUS wurde ich durch seine gelungene Aufnahme meines Bußkanons Kanon Pokajanen. Mit der neuen CD Magnificent Magnificat schaffte AQUARIUS es, einen natürlichen Bogen über sehr unterschiedliche Stücke zu spannen und mich mit frischen Interpretationen zu überraschen.
Mein Dank gilt allen Sängerinnen und Sängern von AQUARIUS und seinem einfühlsamen Leiter Marc de Smet. 
Arvo Pärt, 3/09/2015


MAGNIFICENT MAGNIFICAT contains eight splendid pieces, each very different from the rest, and the listener will be surprised by their multifaceted nature. Those who consider Arvo Pärt's style to be limited and all too recognizable will have to revise their opinion. Every piece must be described individually: the one is very stormy, the other serene, a third is ethereal, a fourth transparent like the heavens, a fifth … and so on.

AQUARIUS makes every word and every note vibrate with empathy. In five languages, and five times five different moods. A cappella music about life: the now and the hereafter. Belief made into sound. Humankind between the finite and the infinite.

An appropriate homage to a composer who will be eighty on September 11th.

Recorded on february 14-16, Abdij van Park Heverlee

Sound engineer: Johan Kennivé, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jade 699850-2

Order the CD from AQUARIUS: 20 euro (Belgium) or 24 euro (the rest of Europe).